Avoid Conflicts of Interest on Mold Inspections

As a Certified Mold Inspector who has carried out many assessments, I have strong sensations that a client who has mold and wants a mold inspection ought to never have the same company or person both inspect and perform remediation. Why? Merely because there is a serious dispute of interest for any inspector to inspect and after that recommend the client that particular work or treatments remain in order.

Molds in the walls

When this scenario emerges, the capacity for abuse, overcharges, and corruption is very high.

When a mold inspector is also a mold remediator on the same task, they likely will have the client in a disadvantageous position concerning what quantity of work (If any) requires to be performed. The cost of expert mold removal work can be costly. The consumer ought to have a lot of confidence that the individual examining their property has no added incentive to “find” problems that don’t exist.

Whenever a contractor/remediator bids for a task their goal needs to be to perform the work correctly and within an expense that is best for the client. There are mold contractors who make “Free” clearance tests part of their inspection. I recommend that the contractor would likely have a 100% success rate; hence enabling them to make money and complete the job. How would a layperson client understand what the case was?

Cleaning mold in the walls

The response is: Always utilize an independent inspector to discover your mold and your mold issues.

If mold removal is needed, interview numerous remediators, and get quotes to find the best one for your requirements. Then when the work is supposedly done, re-hire the inspector to re-test to guarantee clearance. By following these steps, you will give yourself the very best opportunity to have your property and your health protected in the best method possible.