Copier Leasing Contracts

Copier Lease is it right for your business.
With the prices of photocopiers, and digital copiers ranging from $5000 to $10000 for a medium sized business, plus the tax concessions granted, a compelling argument can be raised for the case of leasing a copier over buying. Why tie up that much capitol, when, for a relatively small monthly payment, you can gain all the benefits and none of problems of owning a copier.

Lease contract
Copier Service Contracts

Buying tips for leasing a photocopier
Try before you buy, most copier leasing companies trying to lease you an expensive photocopier will grant you a demonstration, particularly useful if you are looking at more than one machine (let them know you’re looking around).

Color copier printer quality, ask to see some printed company documents and photo’s (your own of course), this will allow you to see the quality of the product, and make an informed judgment. Consider how many copies you might make a month, less than 700 and leasing might be impractable, your best option might be to purchase a smaller desktop copier.

A benefit of photo copier leasing is the service agreement; this can be negotiated to include maintenance servicing intervals and breakdown contingency planning, particularly useful if your business relies on a dependable service, you may even negotiate for the supply of consumables, but here, it may be better to supply your own at a greatly reduced cost from the local supplier. Some vendors might insist you only use their products; this is probably illegal and you should be prepared to move on, if the vendor refuses to budge.

Your Copier Lease and upgrading
At the end of your negotiated contract or even during the contract, your business may expand, or new more efficient technology may become available, the advantages of leasing should make it a simple matter to keep up with these changing demands.