Mold Inspection- What a Home Buyer Must Be Aware For

Environmental Mold Inspections are really crucial in today’s Foreclosure Market.

With many homes that are being repossessed, there is a lot of uninhabited houses on the market today. Vacant houses imply something, the property owner is not preserving the house properly and this suggests possible mold.

Mold Testing

Recently, we received a demand from among our clients to check out a home for possible mold in Port St. Lucie, Fl. They were buying the home in as-is condition with rights of inspection. The house was less than 5 years of ages and we were told it had no history of water leakages. The real estate agent notified us that the property owner reconditioned the home less than 2 years earlier since they did not like the initial cabinets. When someone states the homeowner changes three years of age cabinets to me, this is a Red Flag to possible water concerns in the house. First Red Flag

The Home Inspector had inspected the house out and stated there were just a couple of small issues with the house.

There were roofing tiles broken by the fireplace chimney that required to be fixed but he stated the roofing was intact except for that area. The next issue location in this task was the broken roofing system tiles by the chimney. Second Red Flag.

Weather condition History of a location is essential in this company, particularly for my clients. This home went through 4 typhoons given that 2004. They tend to stop working throughout high winds such as a hurricane. This one was the third Red Flag for me. Mold testing and removal is essential

The interior of the house looked pristine without any noticeable problems. It was tiled in the Living Room and around the fireplace. Looked fantastic to the normal eye. New paint, perfect condition to the visible eye. If there is a flood in a home that lasts for an extended amount of time, the thin-set under the tiles tends to fail and hollow areas will start to develop. Tapping on the tiles exposed multiple hollow areas under the tiles. Red Flag number 4, this one is pretty serious. The hollow areas were all around the fireplace and adjoining walls.

Cleaning mold in the walls

I suggested to my client that we do substantial Microbial Testing in this area around the chimney.

Microbial Testing of the interior walls within 10 feet of the fireplace revealed raised levels of Chaetomium mold. Chaetomium needs high levels of moisture to grow, thus this location belonged to an undisclosed flood location. You thought it, my customer walked away from the offer, hence saving thousands of dollars in surprise microbial damage remediation expenses.

In conclusion, the moral of the story is not to believe everything you are outlined in a house, especially one that is uninhabited. Some property owners will tell you the fact, while others will not tell you the whole fact. An Environmental Microbial Inspection is an essential tool to discover all the surprise issues in a house. A Home Mold Inspection is adequate in many cases but not always as you saw from this house. Adequate Environmental Microbial Testing is always needed to make the right choice. When in doubt, constantly have your house tested by a qualified company to do Environmental Mold Testing especially when it is vacant.