Promoting A Mold Friendly Environment

Think it or not, however, most of us do promote a mold friendly environment.

Flooding and water damage are the most common factors that we see associated with the growth of mold, however, they are not the only things that can set off a mold outbreak. Mold just needs a moist, oxygen-rich environment to start growing, which means that anything that you carry out in your house that releases wetness might be triggering the mold to form.

Mold in the wall

Normally we just experience a high level of mold in houses that have recently been struck by significant water damage such as a flood, or a leaky roofing system. Though it might be unusual to see mold development like that, it is not by any stretch unprecedented. Sudden water damage, such that could be caused by a flood, allows mold to grow extremely quickly, however, repeated exposure of wetness can cause mold to form over a longer period as well.

A pal of mine just recently experienced a house that was plagued with mold but showed no indications of any substantial water damage. Upon further inspection, he observed that the mold was focused in the downstairs bathroom, which is where the household of 4 takes their showers every night. The steam from the warm water of the shower had been condensing on the ceiling and wall every night for the past 10 years approximately. After a while, it was not a surprise that mold began growing in abundance. Due to the steady look of the mold, the household never believed to work with a mold specialist up until the signs began to appear, which ended up costing the family thousands more in repair.

There are several activities that we do daily that might potentially permit the growth of mold in your house.

Inspecting Mold

Things like cooking, bathing, and drying your clothing on an indoor clothesline are just a few things that launch wetness in the air. When we do these activities daily, or perhaps several times a week, the afflicted location never has at any time to dry, and will probably lead to the development of mold if not provided appropriate time to dry out. If a location of your home is receiving this kind of attention, it is necessary to set up a mold inspection before the symptoms appearing, so that the mold is not offered an opportunity to affect the rest of your home or office.